Propagation Protocol

Accelerate Your Stock Plant Multiplication to Build Numbers Fast!  

Bare-Root Divisions


2.5" x 3" Deep Pots

These are one to two sprig bare-root divisions split from an actively growing plant. These can be up-potted directly into 2.5" x 3" deep pots or plugs (72 deep or larger). After transplanting, they need about a week to 10 days of intermittent mist to begin rooting before moving them into the greenhouse.

Pricing: $0.65 each (includes $0.15 royalty) Order in multiples of 100.


Available most of the year except December-Mid-February. Shipped at buyers expense from Santa Fe, NM via FedEx Priority next day service.

These starts are grown in T.O. 72 deep plugs.  They are ready for up-potting into quarts or gallon pots. Available by special order only, with a 12 week lead time.

Pricing: $1.35 each (includes $0.15 royalty) or $97.20/tray of 72.


Available by special order only, with a 12 week lead time. $1.00 per tray boxing charge. Shipped at buyers expense from Santa Fe, NM via FedEx 2 Day or 3 Day Express Saver service.

These are ideal to begin propagating your 'Blonde Ambition' liners right away. The 2.5" wide x 3" deep pots are 32/flat. When divided, these pots average 3.5 to 4 sprigs. Divisions can be re-potted into the same sized pots (see "Propagation Protocol" link below) and placed under mist for a week or so before moving into the greenhouse.

Pricing: $2.00 each (includes $0.15 royalty) or $64.00/tray of 32.


Available year-round (will be semi-dormant during winter months). $1.00 per flat boxing charge. Shipped at buyer's expense from Santa Fe, NM. Larger orders can be palletized and shipped via Common Carrier Freight Service.

We offer three sizes of Blonde Ambition stock plants to licensed growers and propagators, these are: Bare-root divisions, Plugs, and 2.5' x 3" Deep Pots.  See below for more information, pricing, and how to order.

Blonde Ambition is an easy-to-propagate warm season ornamental grass. Using the recommended propagation methods, growers can readily build large numbers of saleable plants quickly and over a long season of propagation.

Download complete propagation protocol here:

How to Order

Please submit your request for Blonde Ambition starts HERE. We will review your order and check our production schedule to confirm.

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