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Biography | Chief Horticulturist, David Salman 
David is a 1979 graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Horticultural Science. He is the founder of Santa Fe Greenhouses retail nursery and greenhouse(1984) and the High Country Gardens mail order catalog (1993). He is a founding member of the Colorado Plant Select® introduction program.

Through thirty plus years of hands-on experience, David has acquired expertise in a wide range of horticultural endeavors including greenhouse production, perennial propagation, ornamental plant seed production, rock gardening , xeriscape design and commercial tree farming. 

David is a specialist, propagating and growing waterwise plants. He has introduced more than 50 improved hybrid, Old World and native plants sold through High Country Gardens over the past 20 years. His new company, WATERWISE Gardening is where David is continuing to focus on the breeding and improvement of cold hardy, xeric (water-wise), ornamental and habitat improving plants.  

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  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Wee One'


  • Sorghastrum nutans 'Thin Man' PP# 28,923


  • Delosperma dyeri Red Mountain® Flame


  • Zauschneria garrettii Orange Carpet®


  • Zinnia grandiflora 'Gold on Blue'

Santa Fe, NM

WWG is a wholesale greenhouse company specializing in the introduction and propagation of new ornamental and habitat-improving plants.  The company grows primarily originator stock of David's patented and proprietary plants to licensed propagators and growers in the Great Plains, Inter-mountain West, Southwest and West coast as well as to other areas of the country.

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